Dr.Nambison’s has been in the field of health care for  the past 40 years. We offer our services through:

  • Online consultation:
    • Email
    • Chat audio/video – skype, google hangout
    • Whats app
    • Phone/SMS
  • Personal Consultation: (for details please contact us)
    • On seeking appointment
    • Celebrity/VIP appointment

A team of highly skilled research oriented medical professionals led by Dr.Nambisons, equipped with latest software & hardware for detailed analysis of diseased individual & carefully designing treatment the best suited treatment protocol to preserve the health of individuals seeking consultation. This individualistic approach not only helps in precise diagnosis but also gives better management of the illness, giving higher cure rates.

Step 1: DRNAMBISON.COM shall send you a detailed Questionnaire through e-mail, which has to be filled by the patient or the one who knows him/her closely. OR you can also download it here (right click & save as) & send it as an attachment to email to consult [at]

Step 2: DRNAMBISON.COM shall appreciate if Photograph of patient, & his disease or affected body part is attached to it. The photograph helps to identify the physical constitution of the body, like for eg: Lean, thin, tall, stoop shouldered, fat, and flabby, pthisical, stout, short etc. (It is advised that the face is hidden, so that patients identity is not disclosed)

Step 3: DRNAMBISON.COM team of experienced expert doctors shall go through the details of the case. Then may ask for certain clarifications based on the inputs received in the Questionnaire to arrive at the gene mapping, personality categorization, diagnosis & to decide the line of treatment. These clarification can be sought through email, chat or phone with prior appointment with the Specialist Doctor.

Step 4*: DRNAMBISON.COM on payment of US$ 40.00 (for patients outside India) for Indians Rs.1000/- payable per month till the CURE/annihilation/reprieve of ailment or till the treatment is sought by the patient, this is for consultation, after which DR.NAMBISONS.COM shall send the detailed line of treatment to be undertaken. (Extra charges are applicable if more than reasonable number of interaction/consultation take place). DR.NISANTH NAMBISON (Honorary Consultant) offers his free services to support the foundation.

Step 5: DRNAMBISON.COM shall review the status of the SICK patient every month & any negative change in symptom should immediately be reported to us.

  • Paypal: Send the amount to
  • Send Cash / Draft / Money Order / Cheque to: Send the payment to Dr.Smita Nambison, Chairperson, Nambison’s SoftroniX, S-1, Mohini, Indrapuri Sector – C, Bhopal (M.P)
  • Internet Banking: The said amount can also be directly transferred to the account of ”Dr.Smita Nambisan“ with the below mentioned details.

Account Details:

State Bank of India A/C No. : 10042506900 Account Name : “Dr.Smita Nambisan” Branch : Shivaji Nagar City : Bhopal (M.P) Branch Code: 5798 IFSC Code: SBIN0005798 RTGS : YES Swift Code: SBININBB268

  • Note: Deposit outside Bhopal – Add Rs.100/- for intracity transfer + Postal charges. Deposit at non-home branch – Add Rs.50
  • Patient Education: Educating patient about his illness/disease is important, this also goes a long way in curing the disease. This education helps the patient recognize symptoms that are part of his illness/disease. Also it helps patient from getting dubbed. We in our series of Healthblogs will keep educating patients throughout the world for FREE. Don’t forget to check them.
  • Second opinion: While a person is sick, he & people around him wonder as to what is the disease? Why is the person suffering? Several tests are undertaken & finally a diagnosis is made, treatment is started. Even after long continued treatment the person still feels the sickness. This is the time to revise & revisit the diagnosis & treatment of the sick person. We with our specialized software help people understand the disease & help in deciding the most appropriate line of treatment.
  • *Free consultation: On request DR.NAMBISONS.COM as a part of its social commitment shall waive the consultation/profit in case of poor, needy, terminally ill senior citizens.
  • ProductsDR.NAMBISONS.COM products once chosen are shipped to your address after payment.