Drink / Don’t Drink water with food?

Ancient science, modern proof.

There has been an ongoing debate – Should drink water with food / Should not drink water with food. Drink water before meal / Drink water after a meal. Drink water after food / Wait for some time and then drink water.

Huh! Too many suggestions & too many confusions.

Today, let us investigate the truth and explore the science behind the matter by looking at an interesting study which possibly can put to rest all these unverified theories.

Some people say if you consume water before the meals, you are diluting what you eat, and also expediting the digestion as the food now enters the large intestine much sooner than it should. Hence, do not drink water just before your meal.

You also read if you drink water alongside meals, it tampers the natural absorption of nutrients after digestion.

Some earlier studies suggest that you should maintain some gap after your meals as this helps absorb the essential nutrients. They say consuming water right after the meal tends to dilute gastric juice. And excess intake of water after meal dilutes enzymes that are essential for digestion. This can lead to heartburn and acidity.

Ancient texts of Ayurveda say you should not drink water with a meal. And practitioners say you will get obese by doing so.

But, what is the truth?

Robbert Bipat & Jerry R. Toelsie of the Department of Human Physiology, Faculty of Medical Science, Anton de Kom University of Suriname in their study found that Drinking water right after the food can contribute as a risk factor to chronic disorders like obesity, diabetes mellitus type II and related cardiovascular conditions.

Really! But, how?

In their study, Robbert & Jerry investigated the time-dependent effect of drinking water during a meal, on the level of Post Meal Glucose.

In their study thirty-five volunteers who ate jelly-filled doughnut in combination with a bottle of increased the Post Meal Glucose levels significantly, compared to no drinking of water thirty minutes before or after the consumption.

Here, it seems that drinking water with food aides the absorption of simple carbs from the digestive system. That is why, when you drink water with food it quickly helps the digestive system to absorb the glucose and raise the blood sugar. Such raise in glucose can harm diabetics and also aide fat deposition.

Based on this study & the suggestion in the ancient Ayurvedic texts, you can reconsider your eating and drinking habits, as there is no harm in doing so.

So now onwards, do not drink water before or after a meal for at least 30 minutes.

This will lower the Post Meal Glucose levels, and consequently reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes mellitus, heart disease PCOD etc ank keep you healthy.

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