Drs.Nambison invents special GIP cards to prevent genetically transmitted diseases

Sickle cell Anaemia and Thalassemia Eradication Mission.

Researchers Professor Dr.Nisanth Nambison Government Homoeopathic Medical college & Professor Dr.Smita Nambison NS Homoeopathic Medical college, Bhopal (M.P) INDIA after several failures finally achieved a successful design of Genetic Inheritance Prediction cards which they call nambison GIP card. The couple recently filed patent for the invention.

Surprised at the figures of transmission of disease to the next generation, that too 100% preventable Drs.Nambison decided to do something about it. Two major genetically transmitted Single gene disorders are Sickle Cell Anaemia and Thalassemia. They present with life-threatening complications. It is a severe, chronic, and often fatal disease with low life expectancy.

Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi’s in the winter parliament session speech 2015 describes sickle cell anaemia as a condition worse than Cancer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePtuUE8ogZo

WHO estimates that each year:

  • over 300,000 babies with severe forms of these diseases are born worldwide, the majority in low and middle-income countries.
  • Approximately 5% of the world’s population are carriers of a trait gene for haemoglobin disorders mainly sickle-cell disease or thalassaemia
  • About 56000 have a major thalassaemia, including at least 30000 who need regular transfusions to survive and 5500 who die perinatally due to α thalassaemia major.
  • Over 9 million carriers become pregnant.
  • there are at least 948000 new carrier couples and over 1.7 million pregnancies to carrier couples.
  • Around 75% are actually at risk. In principle, all need expert risk assessment and genetic counseling.




Sickle cell disease and Thalassemia can be eradicated, from our planet, forever! Just like Smallpox, Rinderpest.

According to WHO: Some endemic countries in the Mediterranean region, long-established control programs have achieved 80-100% prevention of newly affected births. Source: https://www.who.int/genomics/public/geneticdiseases/en/index2.html

Several agencies distribute identification cards to affected Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia patients. These Cards serve 2 purposes:

  1. In case of illness it guides the doctor to avoid contraindicated drugs and in case of emergency blood group mentioned on the Card helps in choosing the blood for transfusion.
  2. Another important yet ignored purpose of the ID Card is matchmaking for the prospective couple.

Currently, several states including Gujrat https://images.app.goo.gl/zYUoCjNkADZGZKRbA, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra etc. issue special colour coded cards to the sufferers of Sickle cell anaemia. In areas of high prevalence, the government after blood test distribute white ID cards to the normal people, half yellow ID cards to people with trait (carriers) while full yellow cards to people with disease.

Male & Female with their respective Card approach Genetic or marriage counselor. The genetic of marriage can makes a probability chart and explains the chances of transmission of Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia in their progeny.

Based on this they can make informed choices. To MARRY or not to MARRY. But, availability & affordability of marriage Genetic counselor and lack of awareness can lead to the marriage of in eligible couple & thus leading to the transmission of disease to the next generation. Drs.Nambison says “If we don’t address this challenge today this disease will keep transmitting in generations to come.”


A breakthrough patent-pending invention by researchers Dr.Nisanth Nambison and his wife Dr.Smita Nambison will help to eradicate Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia forever from this planet.

This seemingly simple yet powerful invention uses ID Card that are completely different from the presently distributed Cards. These nambison GIP (Genetic Inheritance Prediction) cards bear genetic status code in a special colour coded bar form that are strategically placed with special windows on it.

How is GIP card useful?

When GIP card, is distributed in the community, according to his or her genetic status, there can be 6 situations. A male can either, have genetic status as Normal, Disease, Or Trait, also known as a carrier. Similarly, a Female can have a genetic status as Normal, Disease, Or Trait, also known as a carrier.

Now for example, if a male with trait wants to marry female, with the disease. All they have to do is, to keep male nambison GIP card, on female GIPcard, and this will instantly reveal, the probability of their offspring as shown in the video.

In case, the couple has a mobile with the internet, they can scan the QR code, on the back to open a webapp, or directly go to, drnambison.com/gipcard and then input, genetic status of male, followed by, genetic status of Female. to reveal the probability, and they can also watch, genetic counseling, a video explaining, WHY MARRY. or not MARRY!

This replaces the need, for the presence of the counselor. This kind of nambison, GIP card matchmaking, will result in quick visual results, saving time and preventing disease.

In case they have mobile with the internet, they can scan the QR code on the back to open a webapp www.drnambison.com/gipcard/ and then input the genetic status of male followed by the genetic status of Female. Then push the match button to reveal the probability and they can also watch genetic counseling video explaining WHY? Replacing the need for the presence of the counselor. (A matchmaking will result in quick results, saving time. Visual representations are far more comprehensible than text and derivations.) MARRY or not MARRY

Together we can eradicate this deadly disease. Drs.Nambison have taken up this as a mission to work closely with government, international health agencies and NGOs to root out these preventable genetically transmitted diseases. They say “Prevention is the key to eradication”

Together, we can eradicate, this deadly disease. Please, don’t forget, to share this information, with all your friends, & family. Your never know, whom you may help. By Sharing, You will ensure, SICKLE CELL DISEASE, AND THALASSEMIA Eradication.

Notice: Before large scale use of nambison GIP card, please seek permission from Drs.Nambison write to contact@nambisons.com

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